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Working Hours Mon - Fri : 08.00 -17.00
Contact Us +233 30 268 2608

The Campaign

See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana is launched in a historic space, the gardens of Christiansborg Castle (a former slave holding and administrative seat of colonial governments) to demonstrate our ownership of our heritage and destiny.

The campaign, seeks to invoke, through the sounds, distinct sights and the fusion of traditional food representing each of our 10 regions, the spirit of “I Am A Ghanaian”.

There are 325 paramountcies across Ghana each with a distinct story to tell of both our kinship and closeness as well as our uniqueness.  We have 11 official languages and speak to each other in almost 95 dialects.

Inspired by these untold stories and forgotten places, in the year of our 60th anniversary, in the decade that the United Nation’s celebrates Peoples of African Descent, the Ghana Tourism Authority, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism , Arts and Culture, has developed See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana

This is a multi media integrated platform to:

  • Revisit viable and stalled previous efforts to rebrand and market Ghana to ourselves, first. Support domestic tourism and knowledge so that we own our space.
  • Provide a supportive platform for existing cultural and historic events such as our traditional festivals and new initiatives including PANAFEST, the Charlie wote Festival and others to leverage off each other.   Essentially , deliver a year long calendar of events that moves focus and attention to the opportunities around the country.
  • Identify and engage entrepreneurs whose innovation in providing goods and services supports and advances domestic tourism with value chains for small and medium size companies.
  • A one stop multimedia shop where you can go to find what you need in the tourism space in Ghana. Working with the private sector, explore best practice opportunities including the restoration/rehabilitation branding of historic sights, to enable living history through our Black Star plaques walking tours and eco friendly packages.

Key Activities

Our key activities for the Campaign over the following months will include the following:

  • An integrated campaign to promote and support cultural festivals and events.
  • Profiling of people, little known stories and factoids, every reason why you should be proud to be Ghanaian.
  • Creation of an integrated Ghanaian Business Database – enabling a meeting of industry/commerce, tradition, culture, technology and the diaspora.
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